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Using Promotional Products at Tradeshows

Tradeshows and promotional products are perfect together, but deciding which promotional product is right for you requires a little thought.

Everyone loves going to tradeshows and getting free items. These items can be anything from little fuzzy toys to expensive pens or appointment portfolios. Some last until they get to the exit door, others can last for many months, or even years. When deciding where to spend you advertising dollars, tradeshows are quite possibly the most cost effective venue.

Deciding what it is that you want to say, what products best enable you to create an impression and last outside the tradeshow space takes time and thought. You must decide if you want to be cute or leave a lasting impression – maybe you can do both.

Most companies are working within a limited advertising budget, especially in today’s economy. Advertising dollars are limited, so choosing a promotional product that ties in with your company or product is important. For example, a balloon with your company logo on it gets carried around the tradeshow floor and gets noticed, but it may not last much beyond the exit door.

Impressing your fellow exhibitors is not your goal. Your company would probably do better with a promotional product that has lasting value, such as a pen, a notebook, a calendar, a travel mug… an item that will be seen, and used, over and over again.

Many years ago at a large computer tradeshow, one company gave away tickets to a movie premier. The ticket had even their name on it. The movie was enjoyable. The company made a splash at the show, but the tickets ended up in the trash. At the same show, another company handed out t-shirts. Those shirts with the company’s name and logo got worn after the tradeshow ended. The shirts were seen by thousands of people.

Choose your tradeshow promotional items with care – it can give you more advertising at a lower cost for many months. One well thought out promotional product can cost less than one dollar, but that dollar can last many days or months. Research promotional advertising items that tie-in with your product or company name. If that proves illusive, look for a verbal tie-in.

And then enjoy knowing that your next tradeshow promotional product will keep working for you even after you’re back home.

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